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Homes & Gardens Magazine August 2011


How can I source additions to my cutlery?

I'm missing a few pieces from a set of Oneida silver-plated cutlery that is more than ten years old.  Is it possible to find items even if I don't have a pattern name? MY, KENDAL, CUMBRIA   

Cutlery Search,, does what the china-matching services do for china but for discontinued and missing items of cutlery. It was set up by Mary Crisp, an antiques dealer who began as a specialist in silver plate. She now holds thousands of items of cutlery in stock, including Viners, Royal Doulton, Wedgwood, Arthur Price, Old Hall, and of course, Oneida. Every stock pattern is shown on the website so, even though you don't know the name of the design, you should be able to identify it there. Oneida silver plate is priced at £10 for a knife; £8 for fork or dessert spoon, always sold as individual pieces. If you can't find the pattern, take a close-up photograph and send it to Cutlery Search, Gwelfor, Llangain, Carmarthen SA33 SAT for identification - this cannot be done by description over the telephone. Mary Crisp only sources branded designs but will search for items that she doesn't have in stock. She also buys cutlery of course.




Saturday Times Supplement 1st March 2008




Each week, Times Magazine readers put their own domestic goddess queries to our houseproud expert, Aggie MacKenzie.

While the washing-up was being done by friends after a party at my house, two fruit spoons in the Sixties 'Silver Rose' cutlery design went missing. I've looked everywhere, but to no avail. Can you advise on finding replacements?

Viners. the maker, tells me the design is no longer produced, but good news: CutlerySearch specialises in matching dis­continued cutlery and has six of your spoons in stock, priced £4 each, plus p&p.  CutlerySearch specialises in silver plate and stainless steel, mainly by Viners and Oneida, but will search for other makes, too, if not in stock. There's no registration fee. obligation to buy or limit you can ask them to find anything from a teaspoon to a full canteen, although the minimum charge for p&p is £4. so order a few spares. Prices depend on availability/rarity, so they can't quote until the item is sourced, but in most cases, it will be in good, used condition.






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