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Oneida Community Plate and other E.P.N.S. patterns

Oneida, Viners, Wedgwood, Sant' Andrea etc. Stainless Steel






The following are a few simple recommendations to keep your cutlery looking at its best.

Never leave salt or food on unwashed cutlery, always rinse off.  Wash in hot water with soap or liquid detergent, rinse and dry immediately using a soft cloth.  If using a dishwasher follow the manufacturers' instructions.  Your cutlery is dishwasher safe, but we strongly recommend that you remove it from the dishwasher immediately after the washing cycle has finished and wipe with a soft cloth.  Stainless cutlery is more prone to becoming 'scratched' using a dishwasher rather than washing by hand particularly the spoon bowls.  Do not mix silver and stainless steel items in a dishwasher cutlery basket.  Never use abrasive scourers on your cutlery.  Never use silver cleaner on stainless steel.  Never leave your cutlery to soak in water.  Always store your cutlery in dry conditions.

High direct heat can also damage the surface of the metal so we do not recommend that you use your cutlery for cooking.




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Amefa Stainless Steel

Arthur Price/John Mason Stainless Steel

Ashberry/Spear & Jackson Stainless Steel

Cooper Bros Stainless Steel

Denby Stainless Steel

Elkington Stainless Steel

Gense Stainless Steel

George Butler - Stainless Steel

Guy Degrenne Stainless Steel

Habitat Stainless Steel

Housley Stainless Steel

John Lewis/Jonelle Stainless Steel

Marks & Spencer Stainless Steel

Noritake Stainless Steel

Old Hall Stainless Steel

Oneida Stainless Steel

Royal Doulton Stainless Steel

Sant'Andrea Stainless Steel

Viners Stainless Steel

Webber & Hill - Stainless Steel

Wedgwood Stainless Steel

Miscellaneous Stainless Steel:

Abert,"Bone-handled" Knives, Dalia, Firth, Flower Garden,  Glosswood, Hackman, John Rodgers, Jumbo, Letang Remy, Lucky Wood, Mappin & Webb, Monogram, Norstaal, Royal Albert, St.Medard, Sanderson, Villeroy & Boch, Walker & Hall, WMF, Wostenholm


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